Wednesday, March 9, 2011


first day on twitter , very frustrating , like learning a new language, but getting there

Monday, February 14, 2011


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Monday, November 8, 2010

the '' heid'' projects

the ''heid'' projects

what are the heid projects ,,

these are a collective of face casts placed permanently on a wall ,, or structure , preserving a moment in time ,,

why to do it?? , this is up to the individual or group ,

the idea is to create the unique , the individual , the only sculpture of its kind ,,

everyone is unique,,

aren't you ???

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the story of the heid ,,

the HEID,,

heid ,, quite simply put is the scots word and pronunciation for a ''head'', being scots this is my choice of description ,, although it is a cast of my face , it was cast in 2008 , therefore it has remained as it was ,, a ''heid'' ,

i lost my ''heid'' ,, the origins of this start in the summer of 2008 , my first cast of my face and my start of a long and interesting journey into the world of lifecasting , i was part of an outdoor exhibition on the railings of stephens green park, dublin ,ireland ,, and took a few pieces to show friends ,, but on leaving ,i left the bag behind , only realising when i arrived home ,, well that was that ,, just do another ,,

another did not happen due to work and life , yet one month later whilst in dublin , walking by the local garda (police) station that was closest to stephens green , i felt i should go in and ask at least , how to describe the sculptures i had lost , my own head , a hand on a breast , bits of fingers ,, well i just said sculptures ,, a look on the officers face had me thinking , i did not realise why until he appeared with my face in his hands , the lips painted red , the eyes painted red , a chunk out of the head ,, i was suprised indeed ,, and thanked him with a smile and a strange look from them ,, mmm , no breast cast , cant blame them as it was a very nice piece of work ,, that was that , i was reunited with my''heid''

fast forward 6 months ,, a new camera ,, and for some reason i had the ''heid'' in my van beside me , why i picked it up and decided to place it on the quarry wall and other parts of the quarry in dalkey , i will never remember , the results were pleasing , and for a few days i continued to place the ''heid'' in prominent view of what would be normal tourist photo shots , and not so tourist ones ,, collimore harbour,, irelands smallest harbour i believe , dalkey island , sorrento terrace , a famous land mark building overlooking killiney bay , the park beside  it , on the beach , etc ,, and onto the seaside town of Bray , which will come into prominence later on in this story ,,

there it ended , until a facebook notification in around july 2010 ,, this is where the 'heid'' was resurected and put into places of prominence again and also the hidden away , decaying places in and around the city of Dublin and town of Bray,

inspiration arrived from a french artist who has his face all over paris ,, gregos,, i emailed to offer an exchange of faces , ill put his in dublin , he puts mine in paris ,, no reply!! , well i can understand , as it would take away from his artistic integrity of what he is doing ,, so ,, from there it was the decision to do it here in dublin ,, and the answer was yes ,, i cast the faces , packed them in a bag , a tube of silicone , the gun , and sat on the bus contemplating ,, ''what the fuck am i doing ''is this madness , art , or just a cry for attention ,,, or all one in the same ,, but it was easy , no yellow workman jackets pretending to be someone , just sit the bag down and put the glue on , stick it to the wall and hope it didnt fall of , some did , most didnt ,, finding the spots was the challenge ,, walking round and looking for odd spots to place them ,, it wasnt hard , temple bar abounds with them ,, nervousness disappeared quikly , and the enthusiasm for fixing them took over , 9 heids in one day ,, not a bad days work ,,

Friday, October 29, 2010

tully cross , cabinteely




wilderness of modern life

more heids

sunrise at collimore harbour

collimore harbour

collimore harbour looking out to dalkey isalnd